100 untimed books: surrender anyway


59. surrender anyway

Some books, you know that if you so much as pick them up, the rest of the afternoon, the rest of the weekend, will just disappear. If they’re the first in the a series, make that a fortnight you’ve just lost. And yet you open them anyway…

(I didn’t get this in Asda for £1.99. I got it in a charity shop for 50p.)

100 untimed books

100 untimed books: missing


61. missing

One of these days I will get around to buying a hardback copy of Veronica at the Wells and ditching that horrible paperback anthology. The irony is that Veronica is probably my favourite of the whole series – either that or No Castanets – but every time I think about it I end up buying one of the later ones, which I haven’t read, instead. But they’re not nearly so good.

100 untimed books