100 untimed books: fighting


74. fighting

When I was in my early teens, this book was one of my absolute favourites. It’s about a British teenager who finds himself in Romania just as the Ceaucescu regime is falling. I loved it for the idealism, for the music (the narrator is a member of a youth orchestra), for the sense of hope.

The lanyard came from a friend of my father’s who used to work for the EU, and is included with a certain wistfulness.

100 untimed books

100 untimed books: surrender anyway


59. surrender anyway

Some books, you know that if you so much as pick them up, the rest of the afternoon, the rest of the weekend, will just disappear. If they’re the first in the a series, make that a fortnight you’ve just lost. And yet you open them anyway…

(I didn’t get this in Asda for £1.99. I got it in a charity shop for 50p.)

100 untimed books