A sporadically updated list of my work published elsewhere

Short Stories

The Mermaid (Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast fiction series, 2019)

Stronger Than Death (Rainbow Bouquet, Manifold Press, 2019)

Prima Donna (Upstaged: an anthology of queer women and the performing arts, Supposed Crimes, 2018, and A Story Most Queer podcast, 2019)

Be Careful What You Pray For (Everyday Fiction, 2015)

Other Prose

The Amazing Invisible Bisexual Christian (Our Witness: the unheard stories of LGBT+ Christians, Darton Longman Todd, 2017; Wipf and Stock, 2018)

Bi and Christian: Reconciling faith and sexuality (Diva Online, 2016)

Angels with Umbrellas (Confraternity of Saint James Bulletin, September 2014)

In the Voice of Praise and Thanksgiving: some vocal reflections on the Camino (Confraternity of Saint James Bulletin, March 2008)


Circles (Purple Prose: A UK Bisexual Guide, 2016)

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