Stancester Chronicles

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In Little Space

Book cover: In Little Space, a Stancester Christmas story by Kathleen Jowitt

Colette and Lydia are looking forward to their first Christmas together, in their first home together. But will they actually find the time? A festive snippet set between Speak Its Name and The Real World.

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Yea or Nay


In 1692, the Dean’s sister returns to the city she left decades ago, hoping for her brother’s blessing on her next action. But things have changed – Sally not least among them.

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New Ground


The walls of university halls are thin, and it’s amazing (and sometimes a bit worrying) what you can hear through them. Still, as Becky Seymour discovers, you might find that someone else is awake to share your misery.

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Daisy’s Yarn

cover of Daisy's Yarn



A fairy tale in which a young woman sets out to find a friend who’s disappeared – and discovers several possible outcomes for her own future.

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