There is a church near me (there’s probably one near you, too) that reliably displays some sort of ‘inspirational’ poster. These range from the mildly amusing (e.g. a few Advents ago: picture of TARDIS; caption: WHO IS COMING TO SAVE THE WORLD?) to the bemusing (really, what was the point of that Alpha one with the wheelie bin?) to the irritating to today’s teeth-gnashingly infuriating one:

God is dead – Nietzsche

God is Dad – Jesus

P. S. Nietzsche is dead – God

Argh. The top two lines would fit into the amusing-to-irritating range, depending on temperament, but that P. S. is just horrible. If I thought God were so smug, vindictive, mean-spirited, rejoicing in the demise of one of God’s own creatures, as to write something like that – well, I would not have been on my way to church.

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