Reverb, Day 3

#reverb13Day 3: Listen to your heart

Each day for 31 days, I sat quietly for a few moments with my eyes closed and my hand on my heart and asked, “Heart: what do you need?”

And then I listened. Sometimes the answer came in the form of a word. Sometimes an image. Sometimes a sensation.

Try this today. What does your heart have to tell you?

This is a very short answer. Usually I would keep this sort of exercise to my own paper journal, for fear of the entire internet showing up to laugh at me.

But I have been out drinking wine and eating chocolate with the church yuppies (well, we’re not yoof) and am feeling pleasantly melancholy and uninhibited, and here it is:


Apparently my heart didn’t think the answer needed to be a noun. Or to have capital letters. Nor am I really sure what it’s referring to. But there it is.

Possibilities include: the feeling I have of having been backed into a corner with regard to moving, career, etc; a long-running crush; attempting to do this exercise on the 1730 off London Waterloo.

Or it could be it’s none of those. I will find out. Or I won’t. We’ll see.

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