Reverb day 2: release

#reverbWhat unfinished projects from 2014 am you willing to release now? (Regret not required.)

I have lengths of silver wire in various different gauges lying around the house, the relics of an autumn in which I didn’t achieve nearly as much as I’d intended. I had so many grand dreams for this autumn, but I had a cold, then stress, then seasonal depression, and then another cold. All that writing, all that smithing, all those things I simply did not have the energy to do… I have done some things. I’ve written about 20,000 words, in various places. I’ve made a ring, a bangle, another ring, a sort of torc thing. I have done some things. I have just not done as many things as I wanted to.

I’m not sure that I’m ready to let go of any of that, yet. Part of that is knowing that they will come back to me, one way or another. These things always do: I have lost count of how many times I abandoned Speak Its Name, before it was even called that. I’ve finished it and abandoned it again, for the moment, trusting that when the spiral brings it back to me I’ll know what to do with it. The same with The Slowest Elopement, which is a book I’ve been writing for even longer. I haven’t completed any projects, because I have been so damn tired; but I am releasing the need to have completed them. I have demoted the whole lot of them to ‘one day’, and that’s fine. They’ll come back to me when they’re ready.

That leaves this other project, this terrifying, overarching idea of ‘real life’, and ‘getting on with it’. 2014 has been huge. It’s a year today since I started my new job, and within that year there has been a graduation, a move, and all manner of subtle readjustment.

I unpacked and broke down two boxes at the weekend. There are still a few about the place, but it is time to acknowledge that this project is, to all intents and purposes, done, or as done as it’s ever going to be. The year (eighteen months/five years) of transition is over. We are back in the same house as each other, and we both have ‘real’ jobs, and we still like each other. Time to let go of Project Grow Up.

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