December Days (late to the party)

Knowing that my mind would be occupied with Reverb, I’d thought that I wouldn’t have the space to do December days, and was feeling a little bit wistful. I’d forgotten, though, that Reverb (Kat’s version, at least) stops on 21 December, so I can do a mini version. I’ll take it through to Epiphany.

Usual rules: pick a day and tell me what you’d like me to write about.

22 December – the dammit list
23 December – #ChristmasMeans
24 December – How I would like to be remembered
25 December – Contextual theology: faith in what?
26 December
27 December
28 December
29 December
30 December
31 December – Things ending, things beginning
1 January
2 January
3 January
4 January
5 January – Silversmithing class
6 January – word for the year

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