Personal Ad for a Handbag

(Or two handbags. One in black; one in brown or blue. You could be the same design in different colours, or you could be different designs, both of which match my specifications.)

You have a decent square or oblong base, and you are sufficiently bottom-heavy that you don’t tip over when I put you down.

You will fit into my bicycle basket without having to be put on end or tilted.

You have two handles, long enough for you to be carried comfortably over my shoulder, but not so long that you drag on the ground when I carry you in the hand.

You can be closed completely, but you are deep enough that stuff doesn’t fall out of you if you aren’t.

You can carry a large paperback book and my Filofax simultaneously, or a pair of size seven ballerina flats. You have a pocket for my purse, phone and keys, and another one for my work pass and travelcard.

You don’t have tassels. You don’t have writing on. You don’t have an ostentatious logo.

Any metal trim is silver coloured, not gilt, and there isn’t much of it.

I buy you in a shop. I don’t buy you online, and nobody else buys you for me.

You are made of leather. I want you to last.

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