Escape from Planet Hype

Escape from Planet Hype

Not such a frequently asked question as some of the others – people are too polite, I think – but thank you, yes, sales are going reasonably well. I have not yet made the cost of the ISBNs. (Well, I have if you assume that I’m going to write another four books and can divide the £149 by five, but that’s some years off…)

I have, however, made more than the cost of making this blog advertisement free. And, since I doubt that WordPress is showing you anything nearly as interesting as this Dutch tram stand, with Grumpy Cat on Planet Hype, or a sweet and innocent looking poison frog, I shall do this as soon as the first month’s worth of payment comes to me at the end of March. Make the most of One Weird Trick to pick up Hot Singles In Your Area, or whatever you’re getting, in the meantime.

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