100 untimed books: electronic

40. electronic
40. electronic

The Kobo was a Christmas present last year. I mostly use it for reading: long fanfic; out of copyright books from Project Gutenberg; new books, when it’s looking unlikely that I’ll get to a bookshop in time to read the thing before the next book club meeting; books that in paper format would be too thick or heavy to go in my handbag; things that exist in electronic format only.

If you haven’t come across The Comfortable Courtesan yet, I thoroughly recommend her. She’s the narrator and main character of an early nineteenth century soap opera that’s been going for about eighteen months in our time, and several years in the time of the action. It’s often gentle, occasionally melodramatic, always sex positive, usually funny, sometimes sad, and invariably a welcome interlude in my day.

100 untimed books

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