December Reflections 3: favourite photo of 2016


I’ve taken far more photos this year than I thought I had. What I hadn’t done, up until yesterday, was to tidy them up and upload them anywhere. This one dates from February. I think I’d just missed a train and so wandered around with my camera until the platform was announced for the next one.

This structure is a giant birdcage. It stands outside King’s Cross station, on the north-west side. The picture shows the very top; about half-way down there’s a crossbar from which a swing hangs. It’s a good swing, wide enough for an adult to sit comfortably, and it lets you get really high. Yes, I’ve tried. Of course I’ve tried.

It was possible, fortunately, to get the moon in the middle of the top circle without having to stand in the middle of the road.

Is this picture representative? Not statistically, certainly: the majority of my photographs this year have come from walks beside the Cam. But there do seem to have been a lot of these clear skies – or perhaps I’ve just been looking up at them more; I’ve been paying much more attention to what the moon has been doing; and I do spend a lot of time on trains into and out of King’s Cross.

And the lovely thing about the birdcage is that the bars are wide enough apart that you can just step between them, and perhaps that’s a clue, too.

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