December Reflections 15: best decision of 2016


This hasn’t been a year for huge decisions. The most obviously significant one was deciding to go for what’s now my current job; and yes, that was a good decision. It must have been at some point this year that it flipped from ‘not my scene’ to ‘obvious next step’. All I know is, by the time the job advertisement appeared, the decision had made itself.

The purple fabric in the background is my interview dress. Rather like the interview itself, I had to talk myself into it, and then was glad I did. (I note that 75% of my new dresses this year have come with pockets. It’s been a good year for dresses.)

The best decision, however, the decision that made the most immediate difference, was going on holiday to Lyme Regis back in April. I was very tired and very stressed, and a couple of days with a stiff sea breeze, a hilly stretch of coast path, and an excuse to read Persuasion, made things very much better very quickly.

And it left me with an obsession with ammonites that shows no sign of letting up, and has been very useful in ways that I can’t quite explain.

2 thoughts on “December Reflections 15: best decision of 2016”

  1. It sounds like you had a lovely and well-deserved holiday in April. Isn’t it always nice to look back on things you’ve done, perhaps uncertainly, with the realization that it was, in fact, the best decision you could have made for yourself at the time? 😉


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