December Reflections 16: best day of 2018


1 September: a friend’s 50th birthday party. That meant a Saturday in Somerset, with those lovely lumpy hills and the freshness and golden air of early autumn.

It meant a wander around town and a trip to an ironmongery where I nearly bought a coffee grinder.

It meant chopping a mountain of cabbage and carrots and talking of nothing of any real consequence. (Don’t ever let anyone tell you that Internet friends aren’t real friends.)

It meant making a blueberry pie out of a book of Finnish recipes.

(And, when it all got a bit much, I went and lay on the lawn for half an hour and looked at the sky, and that was very good and something that I should do more often.)

It meant strawberries and cream. It meant sitting up late with wine and laughing discreetly about things that weren’t meant to be in-jokes but which had somehow ended up that way.

It was a good day.

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