Daily Decoration: Christmas card bauble

Bauble covered in overlapping cardboard scales in shades of gold, deep blue and pale pink

I made this bauble. That is, I punched out hundreds of little leaf shapes from the previous year’s Christmas cards and pinned them onto a polystyrene ball and stuck an eyepin into the top of the ball and threaded string through the eyepin.

There is surely enough polystyrene in the world already. The punch is not what it once was. And three Christmas cards saved from the bin isn’t really going to make much of a difference.

Meanwhile, if I were going to pay myself minimum wage for making this it would be well into double digits of pounds.

It’s a failure in pretty much every dimension – except for one. It is pretty. No, two. I enjoyed doing it.

I think there’s something worth finding in the pleasure of making something, or growing something, or writing something. This year I’ve been writing to please myself. Nothing worthy. Nothing that’s going to make my fortune. Just what I want to write, because I want to write it. Maybe I’ll say more about that another day. And maybe I won’t.

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