December Reflections 17: I said goodbye to… (and Week-end)

Pa. Sort of. Incompletely. That’s the thing with an unexpected death: you don’t say the things that you might have done, otherwise. I would rather have it this way than the other, but I never actually said goodbye.

And that’s about all I feel up to writing about that, so on with the rest of the post.

The good

The snow was pretty? And not too inconvenient for me personally. I took the slow train to the office on Monday (nothing running on the fast line) and had a lovely time looking out of the window at white-blanketed Essex countryside.

The difficult and perplexing

I’ve had a horrible cold, which has run the gamut of symptoms (runny nose, nosebleeds, lost voice, cough, cough, cough, headache, exhaustion). This morning I woke at half past five or so and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I’ve been very tired and grumpy all day.

What’s working

Hall’s Soothers, a bit.


I finished The Fellowship of the Ring this morning and started The Two Towers after lunch. I’ve read quite a lot of articles on the internet this week, a fact that I’ve found faintly encouraging.


I started The Detectorists earlier this evening. It’s quietly enjoyable so far, though it hasn’t really grabbed me yet.


Finally got my act together and attempted vegan pierogi. The shells worked well; the filling, made with vegan spready ‘cheese’, lost all cheesy flavour when cooked. Also I need to be more careful about sealing them. I’m wondering about trying that yeast flavouring stuff, and/or vegan parmesan.

And pasta e fagioli from Tin Can Cook.


Other than the above, Thai green chicken curry, on my mother’s suggestion. Lebkuchen.


A fox loping across a snowy meadow. Blue tits and great tits and robins at the birdfeeder, with a woodpigeon prowling hopefully on the ground.

In the garden

Everything is frozen.


Sleep, when I get it. Dungarees.


Perfume – Ffern winter box came through this week. Haven’t opened it yet.

Line of the week

From Rejoicings in a Dug-out (a London Review of Books review of a biography of G. K. Chesterton):

His saintly lack of concern for practical affairs seems to have entailed not only a wilful failure to think about how his staff’s wages would be paid, but a deeper reluctance to address what he was avoiding and what he was clinging to – attachments that a life of prayer and self-examination are supposed to make clearer.

This coming week

One and a half days at work; a visit to Addenbrooke’s; and the last of the Christmas prep (I feel as if I’ve hardly done any).

Anything you’d like to share from this week? Any hopes for next week? Share them here!

1 thought on “December Reflections 17: I said goodbye to… (and Week-end)”

  1. Commiserating about the streaming cold, I’ve had one all week, first for 3 years, despite chickening out of Park run last Saturday, too damn cold. Hibernating all week, a quick foray to the P.O. and Tescos for cat food, Lidl is just too far away.

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