December Reflections 22: made me laugh

A business card from The White Horse at Woolstone, with handwritten text on the back:
15th August 1985
Kathleen's First Pub (inside)
(Fox & Hounds at Uffington - 10th August - outside)

It isn’t just family history that I’ve been discovering this year. One of the boxes that came out of storage was my birth box – new baby cards, newspaper announcements, and this little souvenir from my first (or second, depending which way you look at it) pub visit, at the age of less than a month. Which most definitely made me laugh – firstly, that I’d have been taken to the pub at that tender age, and secondly, that somebody (my father) would have recorded it. But then of course he would.

I’m thinking I ought to organise a return visit.

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