Reverb, Day 7

#reverb13Day 7: Reveal your self(ie)

Please post your favourite picture of yourself from 2013, self-portrait or otherwise!

Jim and KathleenDancing with my father-in-law at his wedding. If I recall correctly, it was the Grease megamix. I love it.

It doesn’t really match up with my mental picture of myself (largely, I suspect, because I never smile as broadly as that when I’m looking in the mirror, and also I almost always wear glasses now) but then they very rarely do, and it’s very definitely a picture of me.


I am clearly having a fantastic time. I am rocking my chequerboard dress (made for me by my mum years ago) and my two starched petticoats (made by me, this year). I am also wearing very obvious lipstick and not giving a damn. And I am looking out of the picture and am pleased to see people. This is very much a picture of me this year. It was taken almost six months ago, but it might almost be a picture of me from last week. I have come out of my shell over the past month, but now I can see in that photo that it was already happening in June.

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