Reverb, Day 8

#reverb13Day 8: What went right

What went right in 2013?

Maybe you didn’t quit smoking or lose those pounds or go to Paris, but something did work, did happen, and/or was realized. What was it?


Fine. Almost everything. Seriously, so many things have gone right that I am not counting the ones that didn’t. I spent months of this year waiting for things to happen and then they did:

– There was the long chain of events, which started with Tony finishing his PhD – then passing his viva, then getting a job, then submitting, then my realising that I actually do like my career, then applying for the Only Job I Would Ever Want, not getting it, and then discovering and almost accidentally getting another one – and which will finish in about April when we move back in together.
– Whatever it is that has happened in my brain, where I am good at stuff and I like myself. This has been gathering speed over the last few months, and kicked in seriously over the past couple of weeks, and I am flabbergasted and so very happy.
– Learning to ride a bike. An actual, honest-to-goodness, two-wheeled bike, on the actual, honest-to-goodness, road.
– Breaking free of the ‘you must eat all this food or it will be WASTED’ mindworm.
– My novel! It has a plot, and characters with characters, and things happen because of other things and it’s sitting at 90,000 words and is nearly done.

Thank you, 2013. You have been a wonderful year.

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