Reverb day 16: including white space

Ancient alchemical texts are things of beauty – filled with allegory and symbolic language; things hidden in plain sight; and plain things promising transformation.  

If we were to peek into the book of your year, what might we find?  

What magic do you carry that people need to look a bit deeply to see?

This year was meant to be something of an interlude, a space where nothing major was going on, a chapter of pure indulgence where one could revel in the lush surroundings and not worry about the plot.

It didn’t quite work, of course; there was always a part of me that was desperate to know what happens next, and to read ahead and make it happen. Never mind. This was the Year of Fun, and I had fun.

This year I tried to include more white space. I blocked out a week at a time in which to do nothing, to recover, to replenish my resources. The interesting thing is how much more white space I need than that, or perhaps how I need to distribute it differently. I’ll keep experimenting.

As for allegories, well, the mermaids are still around, finding out how to get from the sea to the dry land in safety. I am becoming an ostrich, or maybe a dragon: something that eats iron, anyway. I’d like to be a tortoise, but can’t quite work out how.

Magic? I have been a fairy godmother since I was nineteen, but of late I have discovered that all the fairy godmothering that I need to do is sit and listen while my charges work out for themselves what they need to do.

1 thought on “Reverb day 16: including white space”

  1. The Year of Fun. I can’t tell you how just knowing that was your intended container delights my heart Kathleen!

    White space – I love that term. This is something I’m always experimenting with as well, although I’ve always called it looking to create spaciousness around everything. I suspect this will be a source of continual experimentation and tweaking, although I would so love if we discovered our right-fit formula and understood how to apply it consistently. But alas we’re always evolving and changing our rhythms aren’t we?

    As a fairy godmother you’re not only magical, but I can see very smart as well. 🙂


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