Reverb day 17: life in purple

One of my daughter’s favourite books is the American classic Harold and the Purple Crayon. If you haven’t had the good fortune to come across it, it’s about a little lad called Harold, whose magical purple crayon enables him to create the world around him.

Whenever I read it to her as a bedtime story, I spend the rest of the evening pondering what I would create if I had a magical purple crayon of my own.

Imagine one such crayon would be bestowed upon you on New Year’s Eve 2015: what would you draw to ensure 2016 had everything you need?

Purple crayons were always my favourite, and they weren’t even magic. I still love purple.

Purple: the colour of waiting. The present moment is important, even if nothing particular seems to be happening.

Purple: the colour of mourning. There is a place to ackn0wledge the fact that things are occasionally, or quite often, painful and distressing, that grief and loss are real.

Purple: the colour of majesty. My life is my own.

Purple: the colour of chocolate wrappers. There is a place for pleasure.

I’d draw a purple tent, for shelter and sanctuary and rest. I’d draw a purple train, for transport and connection and adventure. I’d draw a purple crown, to keep me possessed of my own presence. I’d draw a purple sofa, for luxury.

1 thought on “Reverb day 17: life in purple”

  1. Kathleen, this entry about what you would create with a purple crayon reads for me like poetry. I am moved by your connection to deep and meaningful things. I am struck by your strong spirit. I love and admire the purple crown.


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