Reverb day 18: trajectory

Haven’t you ever been caught in a moment, a magnetic swirl of a moment, when you knew – just knew – that something magical was taking place?

You might feel as if a portal into Something has opened at your heart to release a sort of energy into your own private universe, telling you, “Remember your magic…” 

Think of three important portal points – one in the past, the present, and one you hope to have in the future – and join them together into one powerful and personal gateway into 2016.

Where will walking through this gateway lead you in this upcoming new year?

I remember the day of my interview for my current job. It was a brilliant day, it felt, if I may be allowed a Harry Potter reference, as if I’d taken Felix Felicis: everything seemed to go right. Oh, apart from the bit where the administrator forgot to reset the MS Word test and I had to undo all the previous candidate’s work before I could do my own; I nearly walked out at that point. But I kept my head and worked out how to untangle it, and everything else was great.

It was a Tuesday. I like Tuesdays. I had a fortuitous day of time off in lieu, so I took the Monday off. For some reason I can’t now remember, we were staying with the in-laws, who live on the easier side of London for the office. On the train, I passed the pub that says TAKE COURAGE in huge letters on the side. While I was drinking a cup of tea in a café, waiting for it to be an appropriate time to go in, a family friend emailed some pictures of my beloved, much-missed godmother, whose birthday it would have been. My visitor’s pass was number 26: my birthday, and part of the fleet numbers of two of my favourite buses. After I’d dragged myself through the Word test, the interview went enjoyably smoothly. Two university friends whom I hadn’t seen for ages happened to be in London, so we met up for lunch before I headed south to go back to work. All the way through, it felt as if the universe was on my side.

Where am I now? Still in that same job, but living sixty miles to the north-east of London rather than twenty-five miles to the south (weirdly, the commute is actually easier, not that it feels like that in the dead of winter). It feels as if I’m in something of a lull. There isn’t much going on at the moment; it’s that still point when the year is at the turn. There’s space here, and I need it.

There are at least four huge, important developments that are about to happen or will happen within the next year or two years, or could very well happen, and I want all of them to happen. For the sake of symmetry, I’m not going to specify what any of them is, though one at least is no secret.

I’m reluctant to pick just one of them for my future point. I am laying them out in a line: first this, then this, then this, and that can be slotted in at any point, but I’d rather it were sooner than later.

Here’s a trajectory with five points on it, then. What will I find if I follow it?

Safety. Adventure. Roots. Puzzles. Love. Claiming my ground. Growth. Learning. Trust.

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