Reverb day 21: my take on a manifesto for 2016

Your last challenge for Reverb15 is to write your manifesto for 2016.

I find myself thinking back to previous years.

I remember my 2014 dammit list.

I remember my 2013 list of non-negotiable conditions for 2014: alive; sane; married; employed

I remember the dreamboard I made in 2012, looking forward to 2013:

Dreams for 2013
Dreams for 2013

2016, then…

I take responsibility for my own work and my own words.

I take decisive steps towards the goals that I deem to be important.

I take my needs and desires seriously.

I take care of myself.

I take a proper holiday.

I take every other weekend to recover from activity or company.

I take time.

I take notice.

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