Launch party (you’re invited)

Book, booze, party.

Book, booze, party.

I have prosecco! I have been saving it for just such an occasion ever since my birthday party.

I have a book! It arrived this morning while I was at work.

The book is available as an ebook and as a paperback! It turns out that I have been maligning Lulu – though perhaps not entirely unjustly, because they could make things a lot simpler than they are at the moment.

Let’s have a party! Comments are open for celebration!

20 thoughts on “Launch party (you’re invited)

  1. Here and ready to party!! Where’s that prosecco?? Excellent photograph btw.

    Seriously, congratulations. This is such a major accomplishment. The book looks good on you 🙂


      • You can top the glass up 😉 I’m a facebook know-nothing. I was on the book page and clicked the button, made a comment to my friends and expected it to show up on my fb page. It didn’t. If you happen to see it somewhere, that’s why the comment seems odd!


      • Renewable internet fizz is the best sort 😉 I have found a tiny little notification saying that ‘one person likes this’, which might be you – who knows? Facebook is an endless mystery.


  2. Congratulations! Although books I read have to have a dead body in them, I read your extract and found myself interested in what happens to Lydia next.


  3. Congratulations! Great book – reminds me of a lot of the stuff going on with student societies when I was still involved with them (although different societies and thus different politics..). It is lovely to see how it all turns out.


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