Book launch, of sorts

Taking a while to get through...
Taking a while to get through…

This is the slowest launch in history. I am reminded of the scene in one of the later Mary Plain books in which Mary and the Owl Man attempt to launch a rubber dinghy with a plastic bottle of milk. I am beginning to think that Lulu make most of their money by forcing authors to buy proof copy after proof copy when they would swear blind they’ve already bought a bloody proof copy… Suffice it to say, there will be a slight delay to the paperback version. With any luck, it’ll be available to order later today. If it’s any consolation, I don’t have my copy yet either.

However! It is 2 February, and I promised there would be a launch, and I am going to launch something, damn it. The ebook version is available on Lulu. It comes in .epub format; if you want to read it on a device that does not like .epub, and you want to read it now, I recommend Calibre, which is free, and useful enough that I’ve made use of the ‘Show appreciation via Paypal’ button.

The remaining formats will follow, and the .epub version should filter through some of the more mainstream retailers, and I will update this blog with links when they do:

  • Paperback
  • Paperback via Amazon
  • .epub via iBooks
  • .epub via Kobo
  • .epub via Nook
  • .mobi via Kindle

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