Expanded extract

2013 August Wells 050
There is indeed such a thing as a church with an octagonal tower

I have the feeling that I ought to be doing something. This is nonsense. I am ill, so I should not be doing anything. This is the week I gave myself to not do anything, and besides, there’s nothing I can do until I get my proof copy. The only thing I could possibly do would be to make the book available, and I’m not doing that until I’ve had the physical copy in my hands and seen for myself that it hasn’t come out upside down, or stripped out all of the formatting, or something.

I’ve compromised by expanding the extract I put up a few weeks ago. It now includes the whole of the first chapter, to give potential readers a fighting chance of discovering whether or not they like my style. And that was just a matter of copy-and-pasting, so hardly counts as doing anything.

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