Review at the Cosy Dragon

A four-star review for Speak Its Name over at the Cosy Dragon, who says:

I think it offers a unique entry into being queer in a Christian community, and I think it can help many people in their journey towards being comfortable with themselves

She questions whether it’s realistic for so few of my student characters to have jobs – and yes, it is indeed a UK thing. Of course, UK things have gone tits-up of late, with tuition fees heading north and interest rates on student loans stratospheric, and if I were starting from scratch today I would probably give a few more of my characters part-time work during term time. In fact:

Peter – probably, but he still has to find time to be a sacristan. What I might do would be to give Tanya an administrative assistant as well as a pastoral assistant, and make that Peter.

Georgia – definitely, though it’s possible that she’s also getting some paid music gigs – soloist for Stancester Choral Society oratorios, etc.

Will – no, still too rich to need a job.

Olly – yeah, why not?

Colette – no, when you’re doing a science you don’t have time to do much else.

Becky – yes, though where she finds the energy I don’t know.


Lydia – no, she’s always been discouraged from doing it at home, and has assumed that the rules for university are the same.

So there you go. What they do in the holidays is, of course, another matter – even Will probably does an internship or two – and the only one who definitely doesn’t have a summer job is Lydia.



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