December Reflections 6: in the air


What’s in the air? Moisture. Cold mist rising from the river and the ground in the morning; warmer, damp fog suffused with orange light from the street lamps at night. It’s colder this year than it has been since we moved to Cambridge.

What’s in the air? Music. This evening we sang You’ll Never Walk Alone in memory of Eric Roberts, and the sound went up to all the high corners and floated back to us. It was the right song at the right moment.

What’s in the air? Uncertainty. I am waiting for X to be resolved before I can do Y. X stands for all sorts of things, and so does Y. This sounds familiar. All last year we were waiting for votes to happen so we knew what was going to happen next. That sounds familiar, too. Now we’re waiting to see what will happen after some more votes. It’s all up in the air.

Having said that, in 2016 I did get fed up with waiting for other people to make things happen. I did make some things happen myself. In 2017 I might do the same again. Or – because some of the things I’m thinking about feel slightly terrifying and too huge to fit into a year – I might set some things up to make some things happen a little bit further down the line. Without waiting for anybody to vote on anything.

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