December Reflections 10: I made this!


I’ve made lots of things this year. Here’s one from each end of it.

Speak Its Name appeared officially on 2 February, the culmination of eight years of thinking and dreaming and writing. It’s been well-received, and I’m immensely proud of having finally got it out into the world.

Making the necklace was sort of a meditation on being the Queen of Hearts. This is something I do quite a lot, when I’m exploring a new persona or project, or want to remind myself of some aspect of myself. I made some of the beads themselves – the black ones with hearts, the large red and white one, and the red, black, yellow and white ones are all polymer clay.

There has been other jewellery this year. Mostly for myself, though I made a necklace in rose quartz, moonstone and freshwater pearls for my stepmother-in-law. Sewing, I’ve only been doing patchwork: I got a couple of baby quilts finished this spring, before their recipients grew too large to fit under them.

And, of course, there are still works in progress. Those curtains. A Spoke In The Wheel. Another quilt. I’d like to get that one finished before I see the baby in question at the end of the month, but the rest of it is going to carry over into next year. And that’s fine. Making things takes time; and the things are the better for it.

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