Good reasons to read a book

  1. To see what the fuss is about
  2. You loved it last time around
  3. You loved that other book by the same author
  4. It’s very good
  5. The plot has got you hooked
  6. It’s so bad it’s funny

Good reasons for finishing a book you’re not enjoying

  1. It’s a requirement for your course
  2. You’ve got into it now
  3. You want to see if it gets better
  4. You want to see how bad it can possibly get

Good reasons not to read a book

  1. It sounds just like that other book you hated
  2. It sounds fine, just not very interesting
  3. Somebody on the internet said it wasn’t very good
  4. You would rather read a different book
  5. The author was rude to or about somebody like you on Twitter
  6. Life’s too short

Good reasons to abandon a book

  1. You don’t feel like finishing this book

There are many further variations. Add your own in comments!

1 thought on “Good reasons to read a book”

  1. More good reasons to read a book:
    – It is the choice for your monthly book club
    – You had it on your wishlist and now it’s on your shelf to be read

    More good reasons for finishing a book you’re not enjoying
    – You’ll have lots to complain about and discuss at your next bookclub meeting

    More good reasons to abandon a book
    – It gets worse and worse the further you read
    – You read some disgusting or repulsing content in it that you didn’t expect
    – You thought it would be educational, but now you are realizing the author is making assumptions that don’t make any sense and the rest of the book seems to be based on these


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