December Reflections 29: my smile


This year I’ve been playing around a bit with black and white, on the grounds that everything looks good in black and white. And it’s very easy these days to slap a filter over a colour photo.

There aren’t a huge number of photographs in which I’m actually smiling. If someone else took it, either I noticed and I’m looking horrifically awkward and hoping they’ll get on with it, or I didn’t, and I’m looking bored, or waving my hands around, or I’ve gone too far in the other direction and all you can see is gums. If I’ve taken it myself, I’m probably frowning at the screen trying to get the damn thing in focus.

But this one came out well enough, just now. New glasses, this year. New hair (though it’s retained its old trick of curling upwards at the front). Same smile.

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