Get the party started (or at least go down the offie for some booze)


My computer has just started playing Get The Party Started. It’s as if it knows.

It isn’t quite party time yet, but a spreadsheet containing ten ISBNs showed up in my inbox today. That’s one for the print version of Speak Its Name, one for the ebook, and two each for the next four books I publish. I’ll worry about the last eight at a later date. The point is, I now exist as a publisher, and the print version of Speak Its Name exists as a number, even if it doesn’t yet exist in physical form. This merits at least a small celebration.

Meanwhile, I’ve released my editors and put the ‘finished’ text onto my Kobo so that I can proofread on the train. I put ‘finished’ in scare quotes because, as I expected, I have found about thirty errors that got in during the editing process. Some of them are little things, like en dashes that should be em dashes; some are missing words; some are phrases that worked beautifully until I fixed something else near to them and now sound clunky and inharmonious. I’m about a quarter of the way through that, and am resisting the temptation to make any changes to the file before I get to the end of the text.

I’m also resisting the temptation to plug my shiny new ISBNs into Lulu and start making books. It’s been a long day at work and I’ll probably forget the title, or spell my own name wrong.

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