This morning I have mostly been…

... drinking coffee
… drinking coffee

… muttering at Lulu that there is no text smaller than 10pt, let alone 6pt, on pages 87, 119, or 265, damn it

… putting the cover together, which entails:

… setting the image size to the nearest pixel

… finding the .pdf of the barcode which I know I saved somewhere obvious

… getting a week’s worth of photographs off my camera to find the picture of my own second year notes on The Faerie Queene which are going to be the background image

… wondering where the hell the colour selector thing in Paint.Net has disappeared to

… remembering that actually I used the eyedropper and got the purple from the middle of the passionflower. Right.

… resizing everything. And then resizing it again.

… working out how to make a .pdf into a .jpg

… wondering why I can’t see the text I’ve just typed

… trying not to cry

… realising it’s because I’ve still got the passionflower selected

… finding that the onscreen rulers are helping me not one whit

… resorting to holding a real ruler up to the screen

… being really irritated about the blank space at the bottom right

… copying the blurb word by word from my own website

… working out how to rotate text through ninety degrees

… wondering what I’ve spelt wrong in the blurb

… wondering what I’ve forgotten to add

… forgetting where I’ve saved the resulting .jpg

… uploading the cover to Lulu

… deciding that it looks WRONG and going back to

… uploading the cover again

… wondering whether occasional use  of the F word counts as ‘explicit content’

… ordering a proof copy

Which is quite enough for one morning. After lunch I’ll worry about the ebook. Don’t worry: I did take annual leave to do all this.


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