Cover (a multitude of sins)

The cover

You see that there? That’s what I spent most of yesterday morning doing. This is for the print version; if you hold a piece of paper up over the left hand side of the image you’ll see what the ebook version looks like.

I was not starting from scratch. I got the basic concept down and sorted the flower out months ago. Yesterday was mostly about getting a clearer picture of the handwriting and then getting all the elements into the appropriate position so that they’ll print properly.

The handwriting, if you’re wondering, is excerpts from my own English undergraduate notes: the front cover is talking about The Faerie Queene and the back about Donne’s Holy Sonnets. I adapted the passionflower image from this photograph, which has been made available for such use under a Creative Commons license.

I then ordered a proof copy and went and had some lunch. Coming back, I immediately discovered two errors (a first line that should have been indented and a chapter heading that said One where all the rest said Chapter 1), so I had to pull the .pdf off and replace it with a corrected one.

Then I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to make the cover sit properly on the front of the ebook.

Then I gave up and cooked dinner.

Then this morning I remembered that I hadn’t changed the ISBN on the copyright page of the ebook and so I pulled it off and uploaded a corrected version.

And I have no idea what new errors I’ll find when I look at the proof copy when it arrives next week. I would like to think that, after going through the electronic version, several print-outs, and the ebook, I’d have got them all, but there always seems to be something else to find, even if it’s just a niggly little thing like a missing indent. We’ll see. We’ll see.

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