Blog tour, stage 10 and 11: a night in with Linda, and review from A Cornish Geek

ASITW blog tour individual 14 May

There are two stages on the blog tour today. First of all, take a look at Linda’s Book Bag and stay in with us – we’ve got cake!

Staying in with Kathleen Jowitt

And then head on down to Cornwall, where Emma has reviewed A Spoke in the Wheel at A Cornish Geek. She says,

When I received the PR for this book I was intrigued and drawn to the idea of second chances and redemption. Once I got stuck into the book, however, it was a different theme which kept me hooked: that of having your whole life mapped out and having it all taken away.

Read the review here.

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Blog tour, stage 2-4

ASITW blog tour individual 7 May

It’s a rest day on the Giro d’Italia. Not here! Today there are three stages on the blog tour. This might be a tad implausible for a cycle stage race – very occasionally, one finds a time trial and a standard stage on the same day, but I’ve never heard of any organisers brave enough to cram in three – or even for a physical book tour, but thanks to the wonders of the internet I can get around three very enjoyable blogs with no trouble at all.

Today you’ll be able to find me…

Stage 2

… over at Jera’s Jamboree talking with Shaz about the writing process for A Spoke in the Wheel, the research that I did, and how very grateful I am to my fabulous friends. You can read my Author Q and A here.

Stage 3

… at Trisarahtops blog, where Sarah has reviewed A Spoke in the Wheel.

Stage 4

… talking to Debbie at My Random Musings about my favourite books and when, where, and why I write. Here’s the Author Interview.


If you’re in the UK, I’d like to wish you a very pleasant bank holiday Monday, and to hope that the weather is as good where you are as it is here. I was going to go out on the Reach Ride, but my bike has a puncture and I’m neither organised enough to have a spare in the house, nor hardcore enough to ride 29 miles on a Brompton – which would have been the only alternative. Anyway, wherever you are in the world, I hope you have a lovely day!

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Three links

2013 September 031

Firstly, an interview with crime writer Don Massenzio. You can read my thoughts on ego (and why it’s necessary to have one), the pseudonym I’ll probably never use, and who I’d like to invite for dinner in the name of musicological research. It’s all here: Perfect Ten with Kathleen Jowitt

Secondly, the Society of Authors have put up a link to a recording of the Authors Awards ceremony from June. If you don’t want to listen to the whole thing, the presentation of the Betty Trask Prize and Awards can be heard beginning at 08:14, with specific reference to Speak Its Name at 13:20. But I’m really linking it for Ben Okri’s absolutely stonking speech, which begins at 25:35. Highly recommended for any author who occasionally (or often) finds themself wondering what the point of it all is…

Thirdly, I’ve now set up a Facebook page for me and my works. If you use Facebook for that sort of thing, wander over here and give me a like.


Section 28: the chip on my shoulder

Earlier this week I was an interviewee over at Louise Walters‘ blog, where I talked about my experience as a self-published author and being shortlisted for the Betty Trask Prize. (I really recommend Louise’s blog if you want an insight into the differences between mainstream publishing and self-publishing. She’s done both, and writes about them very eloquently.)

I mentioned in passing my theory that Section 28 had killed off the genre in which my book might have been published conventionally. And I’ve written a longer piece for LGBTQ Reads about that – about my experience as a writer, and about my experience growing up in that context, as someone whose schooling was entirely overshadowed by erasure on a national scale, and who didn’t even know it at the time.